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Is The Rottweiler The Right Breed For Me?

We get many questions about our Rottweilers and one of the main questions concerns temperament. Before purchasing a Rottweiler you need to first consider if the Rottweiler is the right breed for you. The Rottweiler is a powerful, robust, protective, and extremely loyal breed. They are socially dominant which means they respect a hierarchy and will assume the alpha-leader role if you do not. It must be said that although the Rottweiler tends to be socially dominant, it also depends on the personality of each individual Rottweiler. You need to have a calm, self assured approach when training and teaching your Rottweiler. You do not have to be harsh, they respond to calm, assertive authority, and fairness is a must. The Rottweiler is a social breed. They require lots of socialization, the more the better. They enjoy being with their people. You can not over socialize a Rottweiler and you can not socialize the protective instinct out of the Rottweiler. Obedience training is a must, it is not optional. The more you socialize coupled with training the better companion your Rottweiler will become. We socialize our puppies. We breed for the correct temperament, but in the end the Rottweiler (in reference to temperament) is what you "the owner" make him. This is not a breed to be put in the backyard and occasionally shown some attention. They need mental and physical stimulation. They require leadership, training, and socialization. If you think this is the breed for you and you have difficulty being calm and having confidence in being in charge, ask the breeder to choose a puppy that is more submissive in the litter as that will be a better fit for you. This is a loving breed that is very versatile. They are suitable for almost any activity including and not limited to tracking, herding, carting, weight pulling, hunting, agility, schutzhund, search and rescue, obedience, fly ball, service dogs, therapy dogs, protection, show dogs, and of course they make some of the best companion dogs. Rottweilers are extremely intelligent and easy to train with the correct approach and can do almost anything that is asked of them. Training and socialization should start at an early age with young puppies and continue throughout their lives. This is a very rewarding breed and with the right training and socialization make some of the very best companion dogs. If you do not have the time it requires to train, socialize, and spend with this breed then this is not the breed for you. When you consider the time and care that you put into the Rottweiler you get so much more in return. This is one of the most loving, devoted, and loyal breeds. They will give you everything they have and then some, so they deserve the same from us.

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