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Rottweiler Lip and Gum Pigmentation

There is only one correct gum and lip pigmentation color, black brown, with no pink spots. This is not a cosmetic fault , as some would have us think, but a breed type requirement. Presently this dark rich pigmentation is becoming elusive, but always highly desirable. However, we do observe black brown dominant in certain blood lines. Anything less than black brown is a fault to the extent of the amount of pink spotting. There are some that will say "the gums are pink because of the water " others will say "it's the food" or even "it was once all black but it turned pink only recently." No matter what, the gums and lips should be black brown throughout.

Some faults with gum and lip pigmentation to be noted are:

1. The gums are dark but there is pink all along the teeth line.

2. Lips are rose colored but gums are dark

3. Gums are not pink but rose colored.

4. Completely pink (bubble gum color)

5. Dark gums with pink spotting.

6. Dark gums with pink around the flews.

7. Pink spotting on lips

Steve Wolfson sits on the board of the American Rottweiler Club (ARC) and is actively judging, lecturing and writing articles on Rottweilers

Apoll vom Kriegsdamm

(Apoll vom Kriegsdamm, A great example of correct lip and gum pigmentation)



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