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Uran Schwarz Rott Garde



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DOB 04.25.2006

HD-A(Excellent), ED-0(Excellent)

Height = 26", Weight = 115lbs

Imported From Serbia, Imported From Thailand

Owner: Jeff Thomas


Multi V1, Multi BOB, Multi BOG, Multi BIS, Multi BISS, International Champion, Thailand National Champion, Serbian Adult Champion, Serbian Junior Champion, HD-A (excellent), ED-0 (excellent), BH, IPO1, Uran is #1 Rottweiler in Thailand 2008 & 2009 #1 Top Show Rottweiler 2008 & 2009 #4 Group II 2008 #5 Group II 2009




Uran is the full litter brother to the famous Uno Schwarz Rott Garde. He is linebred 2/3 on the Young World Champion, HU Champion, YU Champion, Int. Champion, GR Champion Falko v Sittard,and anytime Falko is line bred, you get some pretty solid stuff. Uran has a strong resemblance to his grandfather the great SchHI, AD, BH, ZtPr, VDH-CH. YUG-CH'01 Bundesieger '01 V1, Europasieger '02 V2, Klubsieger '02 V2, FCI Europe '03 V1, Bodensee Sieger '03 V1, Ch. Klubsieger Morro vh Marker . Uran's father Int.Ch, Yug.Ch, BOB, PRM, 7xCAC 7xR.CAC R.CACIB Jocker v Junipera is without doubt one of the best males and best producers in Eastern Europe in a while.

A real Rottweiler with real Rottweiler movement. This is why he is unbeatable: type, beauty, structure, pedigree & movement . It does not get any better than this.

Movement, Uran is unbeatable, the dog has great reach and drive and a dead level top line. Watch for Uran this year in the USRC and AKC show venues.








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