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WCR's Alexis Von Legendehaus



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D.O.B. 11.04.09

This is Alexis from West Coast Rottweilers out of WCR's Diego vd Tal X Queen del Re di Spade(Italian Import). She is a spectacular female with super nice bone structure, rich mahogany markings, super dark eye, and absolutely fabulous movement even at such a young age.



WCR's Diego vd Tal Multi -V1 rated,2XUSRC National Seiger'06 &'08, DT.VDH CH, Westfalensieger,  Schonster Rude & Lech Shau Sieger 2006, V1 BOB CACIB Paris, V1 BOB CAC Freidrich Berger Show, Heidesieger 2006 BOB, Multi CAC,VPGI, ZtPR, BH. , HD- ED-(Germany) Herbie v Gruntenblick INT./SCHWRZ./DT.VDH CH ES'02, KS'02, '03, SchH/VPG III, FH II, AD, BH, IPO III, ZtP, HD+/-, ED-frei Mambo v Crossener Ranch KS'89, BJS'88, SchHIII, IPOIII, FH,AD, ZtPR, INT./SCHWZ./OSTERR./LUX. /DT.VDH-CH WJS'94,BS'97 BJS'94, BS'95'96'97, SCHWZ.KS FCI-ES'97 SchH/VPG III AD BH IPO III Gek.HD-Frei ED-Frei , Rick v Burgthann
SchH/VPG I AD BH ZtPR HD +/- , Evi vd Crossener Ranch
VPGII, FH, BH, HD frei, EDI, VI Rated, Toga v Kummelsee nt.Ch, DT.VDH-CH, ES'93, KS '91'92, FH, AD, BH, SchHIII, IPOIII, Gek, HD-, Noris v Gruntenblick
SchH I AD BH ZtPR HD +/- ESD- , Kela v Kummelsee
Multi V1, V1 Rovinj Rottweiler Specialty, V1 Subotica, V2 Novi Sad, United States Rottweiler Club North Western Regional Youth Siegerin, multi CAC, r.CACIB HD+- ED+- Yugoslavian Import Naja Earl Antonius INT. CHAMPION SCGJ/SCG/BIH/VEJ-CH Vice Europa Young Champion ADRK Orlasieger 2004 BENELUX WINNER 2004 ALBERTA SIEGER( US )2005 CANADA SIEGER 2005 ARGENTINA Winner 2005  HD +/- ; ED +/- , Gonzzo Earl Antonius INT/SLO/HR/HRY/HU-CH KS`01 SG1; IPOI HD Free U.V.1 Noris vd Alten Festung
INT CH ADRK KS'02 V3 IPO I HD, ED Frei , Ria Flach Ross
ETRK Siegerin & Most Beautiful in Show '05
Champion of Serbia 4 X CAC2 X R.CAC
IPO I HD +/-; ED+/-, Aksa Elez Rott
IPO1, HD Frei, 9 X Young winner, Double Young Ch, Young Ch.B & H, Young Ch. CRO, Ch. B & H, KJS Croatia, BalkanSeiger V1, 5 X CAC, R.CACIB, ADRK KS`03 V6, Meri Earl Antonius
Queen Del Re Di Spade Multi- v1 including Rottweiler Specialty Show, r.CAC (Italian Import) HD-B/ED-0 Dt. VDH Champion HD - ED + BH, AD, ZtPR, SchHIII, AD, BH, IPOIII Akino vd Lauterbrucke O-BJSgr'95, SchHIII, IPOIII, AD, BH, ZtPR Gek bis EzA HD+/- Mambo vd Teufelsbrucke SchHIII, FH AD. Gek.b.EzA ZtPR, HD- Torro v Zimmerplatz
WJSgrn '92, KJSgrn '92 SchHI, AD, ZtpR , HD- Face vd Teufelsbrucke
BJS'96, , O-KJS'96, BH, ZtPR, SchHIII, HD+/- ED-, Onda vd Teufelsbrucke INT/DT.VDH-CH, O-BJS'93  SchHIII, FHII, AD, BH, IPOIII, Gek, HD+/- Matcho v Burgthann
WJSgrn '92, KJSgrn '92 SchHI, AD, ZtpR , HD- Face vd Teufelsbrucke
EJS '98- F.C.I Italian and International Champion, HD +/- SchH I, ZtPR Efrem Italian Ch, IntCh, Social Ch 1994 -1996, Reproducing Ch, Best Group Reproducing R.C.I 1997-1998, ZtPR, SchHI, HD- , Franz Della Val Di Cupo It/Int/San Marino/Rip Ch, WJS, SchH III. HD- , Curry Del Cavaliere Nero
Champion Reproducing, Freda
Italian Ch, IntCh, Reproducing Ch, Alfa Della Rocca Brancaleone SchHIII, AD, ZtPR, HD- Nobbi v Hegnenbacher Land
IntlCH, SchHI, BH, HD+/- , Ossi v Markgraflerland







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