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Our Philosophy

We believe that to breed superior quality Rottweilers you begin with Superior quality adults. We import from Europe some the best, tested in show ring and working field. The Rottweiler in Europe (Germany included) are required to be temperament tested and pass a breed suitability test(Ztp) in order to be deemed worthy of being bred. The AKC requires only that both sire and dam are registered regardless of quality and suitability. That is a huge difference when looking at the American bred Rottweiler and what we see in Europe(Germany included).

Pedigree of the Rottweiler plays a major role in what the offspring will become. We believe a solid, well grounded, proven pedigree will produce itself over and over again. If you begin with the best and pair it with a complimentary pedigree your chance of breeding a superior quality offspring will result. There are never any guarantees as breeding is not an exact science, but pay attention to details such as eye color, mouth pigment, length of muzzles, bone substance, and the list goes on as these are all important when breeding a superior quality Rottweiler. We will never settle for medicore when choosing a Bitch or a Stud to breed her to, we always strive to find the best possible matches. We do not cut corners and we spare no expense in ensuring the best possible breeding.

Genetics is the corner stone of any and every breeding program. Genetics is why knowing a pedigree and the dogs in that pedigree is so important. To breed better you must first know the problems in the breed, understand how breeding will either help or hurt the breed. Correct Phenotype and Correct Genotype are paramount.

There is a HUGE difference between "Pure Bred" and "Well bred"


"A top quality puppy is not expensive, IT IS PRICELESS". If you want a Rottweiler with structure, balance, head pieces, bred for health, beauty, and excellence....WE ARE THE BREEDER FOR YOU.


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