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Al v Popeye

d.b. 13.03.2008 PKR /UKU

This is one extreme Rottweiler. He has the muscle, movement and the drive so desired in a Rottweiler. He posses An incredible temperament rounds out this fabulous male.


Owner: Maria and Igor Dubovenko

from Hause Rotvis

Al v Popeye Offspring


Date Place Level Judge Class Result







11.05.11 Riga CACIB M.Coeser work V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
29.05.11 Moscow RU KS E.Hellmann champion V3
28.05.11 Moscow IFR 2011 D.Hoffmann work V1 , CW
08.05.11 Dormund VDH ES'1 C.WOLF MEIXNER open V1, RCAC, RCACIB
07.05.11 Dormund CACIB 100 FCI E.Hellmann open V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
17.04.11 Kiyv CACIB D.Paunovic work V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
16.04.11 Kiyv CACIB R.Stojadinovic work V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
12.03.2011 Chishineu, MD CAC MK P.Muteaun open V1, CAC,BOB
12.03.2011 Chishineu, MD CACIB Dimitrov open V1, CAC, CACIB,BOB, BOG-1
11.03.2011 Chishineu, MD CACIB N.Jovanovic open V1, CAC, CACIB,BOB
12.12.10 Kiyv CACIB Kislyakov work V1, CAC, resCACIB
11.12.10 Kiyv CACIB Shijan V work V1, CAC, CACIB
17.10.10 Dortmund BS W.Walter work V
15.10.10 Dortmund National P.D.Viehof work V2,res Anw DT
01.10.10 Celje, Si KS E.Hellmann work V1, CAC
30.09.10 Celje, Si EURO SHOW H.Wimbilhausen champion V3







06.06.10 Estonia KS D.Hoffmann Work V1, Serti, Vice KS
07.05.10 Dortmund CACIB E.Hellmann Open V1, Anw.Dt.VHD
08.05.10 Dortmund CAC H.Weiler Open V1, Anw.Dt.VHD
06.12.08 Kiev CACIB Kleibentein Intermedia V2, RCAC
05.12.08 Kiev CACIB P.Krol Intermedia V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
19.03.09 Leipzig,De CACIB U.Petterman Intermedia V2,Res.Anw DT
30.08.09 Bialystok, PL KS PL B.Miksic Junior V3
29.08.09 Bialystok, PL CACIB U.Petterman Junior V4
29.08.09 Trasslber, De ADRK Ch.Bernbacher Junior V2,ResCAC Jug.
07.06.09 Poznan, PL Rottweiler Special E.Hellmann Junior V1, Junior Winner, JCAC



Gringo v Gruntenblick, OSTER.CH O-BS'04, O-KJS'04 SchH/VPG III, BH, HD-Frei ED-Frei DT.VDH-CH. Orlando v Hause Neubrand, HD-Frei ED-Frei, O-KS'04SchH/VPG III, AD, BH, IPO III Amadeus v Silberpfeil, HD-Frei ED-Frei, BH, AD, ZtP, SchH3, IPO III, Ge
EJS'99 BS'00 SCHWZ.KS'00 Cora v Rosselesgarten, SchH III, AD, BH, HD+/-ED-
Peggy v Oeterkotten, SchH/VPG I, AD, ZtP (17.11.01 Dischingen{G.Apel}) INT/SCHWZ/OSTERR/LUX/DT.VDH-CH, Rick v Burgthann, SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, Gekort, BIS.14.09.99
Hexe v Oeterkotten, SchH I, AD, BH, ZtP (03.96), HD-Frei
Anapurna v Hause Haase, PKR.II, PL CH, HD-B, ADRK KS'o6-V, PL KS'07-V1, Oberpfalzerscheau'07-V2, R.Anw. Dt.CH.VDH, Rostok-CACIB, CAC/De/ Muck vd Scherau, Dt.VHD-CH, WJS'03, KFS'03, VPG III, IPO III, BH, AD, ZtP. HD+/-ED- Gesa vd Scherau, DT/VDH-CH, HD+/-ED+, SchH 3, AD, BH, IPO 3
Nadja vd Scherau, CH, JCh, S'05, JS'04, KJS'04, PT I, HD- Rex v Hause Frick, SchH/VPG III, AD, BH, IPO III, HD-, ED-
Krabbe vd Scherau, SchH/VPG I, AD, BH, HD-, ED+


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Al v Popeye Offspring