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D.O.B. 08.18.2008

Imported from Russia

HD-B / ED-0

Russian Champion, Champion Of Russian Kynological Federation, Canidate for Junior Champion Of Russia, 6xCAC, 4xBOS, 2xBOB


Date Place Judge Result
06.05.10 National Dog Show Sipjagina CAC, V1, Best Female
05.30.10 National Dog Show Bogdanova CAC, V1, Best Female, BOB
05.29.10 National Dog Show Permjakov V1, CAC,Best female
05.16.10 National Dog Show   V2
05.16.10 National Dog Show Gracheva V2
05.02.10 National Dog Show, StPb E.Bauzhes ЛС, BOB, САС
03.20.10 National Dog Show, StPb Shijan  
03.13.10 National Dog Show Cup of Fedelis Kozhevnikova CAC, Best female
02.28.10 National Dog Show Zherebzova V1, resCAC
02.06.10 National Dog Show   Best junior female, JCAC



INT. CH Tim vd Scherau, IPO I, ZtP, DNA MD, CH, UA, BOSN, SCG DT. VDH-CH. Akino vd Lauterbrucke, SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, HD-, ED+ O-BJSgr'95, SchHIII, IPOIII, AD, BH, ZtPR Gek bis EzA HD+/- Mambo vd Teufelsbrucke
BJS'96, , O-KJS'96, BH, ZtPR, SchHIII, HD+/- ED-, Onda vd Teufelsbrucke
DT. VDH-CH. Lucie vd Scherau, HD-frei, ED-frei, BH, ZtP, VPG1 Arko vd Werther-Stadt, DT. VDH-CH, ES/BS/KS'00, ZB-096816, HD/ED-frei, BH, AD, Ztp, SchH III
Gesa von der Scherau
HD +/- ED + SchH 3 AD BH IPO 3
RUS CH, RFK CH, Erfolig Larita, HD-A Int. CH. RU/MD/PL/UA/SCG
PL KS'06, PL KS'05-CAC, UA Winner '04'05'06'07 Morro vd Scherau, HD/ED-frei
DT. VDH CH. Vico vd Flugscneise, HD/ED-free
Gesa von der Scherau
HD +/- ED + SchH 3 AD BH IPO 3
V- rated, CAC Erfolig Zheneva Ch Rus, Ch Club, Ch Ua IPOI
Burbon Pride of Beaumonde
Olburd Tsekke, CAC, HD B, IPO I




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