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Cathy:  Wanted you to know that I love Blue/Bear. I've settled on feeding him Exclusive...found a feed store in Cabot that sells a 35lb bag for around $36 and after buying 6 bags, get the 7th free...so that's not too bad...My daughter will take some pics of him periodically and I'll try and share some with you...Are you getting any serious buyers on your other pups, hope this whole operation goes well for you, it seems like you really pour your heart into it...

Bear seems to have plenty of energy and is very attentive and listens to the tone of my voice pretty well for a puppy...Never thought I'd ever spend that kinda money for a pup but I am a satisfied customer..

later...I"ll try and stay in touch...

Just want to give you an update on Luka. He is doing just great! He is such a good boy and so loving. As soon as one of the other dogs comes by me he has to come over for his share of attention too. And he is being really good with the grandkids. Loves chasing them when they play and jumping straight up in the air when they are on the swings.... They like it too. He is so funny the way he plays with this one dog toy. It's a tire and he runs with it and then lets it roll and chases it and then he lifts it up on his nose. What a clown! And if you aren't paying enough attention to him he will grab your sleeve and give it a tug. His coat is so nice and full and shiny now. And I was so worried about house breaking him at his age, but I think I told you before, it was a breeze. He had maybe 3 accidents in the house at first and that was it! He has been going out without a leash on for quite some time now and comes back when I call him. I will send you some new pics later, maybe when we get some snow. That will be fun to see what he thinks of that....Hopefully that won't be for a while yet, but who knows. We've had a few hard frosts already!
Take Care,

Lou Anne

Thanks so much for everything Cathie! We are all very excited for his arrival on Sat. night! I will email you as soon as we arrive back in East Machias...probably be around 10:30 Sat. night! Like i said i will email you some pics on Sunday so you can see him in his new home with his new family! I will also be spreading the word to all of my kennel clients looking for a rottweiler in the future!! Thanks again for everything and we will be in touch!

Terri Barker

Hi Cathy,
Enjoyed meeting you and Stacy today, as well as everybody in your kennel.
Just wanted to let you know that we made it home O. K. Pup threw-up a couple of times but after about 80 miles he settled down and was fine the rest of the way home. Never whined or whimpered once. Everyone here in his new home thinks he is the absolute bomb. We couldn't be more pleased.
Thanks again for an oustanding puppy, will send pictures as we grow.

Thank You, Cliff

Hey Cathy- Just wanted to give you an update on the puppy I got from your kennel. I named him Led Zeppelin.... and call him Zepp. He is easily the smartest dog I have ever owned. Listens well and he is very attentive. He sleeps in the house with us and goes every where we go. Zepp has the sweetest disposition and has become very much a part of my life. I want to thank you for working with me and for giving me this opportunity.
Jessica Richardson

This is Zeus. He was out of Persey and Devon's litter born July 11. We couldn't have gotten a better puppy. He keeps the girls busy all the time.


Barons first UKC show was today. He got best of breed,  first place in his class, Best male, as well- he finished 4th in the Working Group. We decided to show him at the UKC show with the expectation of getting some experience. We received MANY compliments from other Rottweiler breeders.


I cannot express to you how thrilled we are with "Brutus".  He is adapting well, very lovable and super smart.  On the second day in the house he had an accident - peed a little on the floor.  Since then ....NOTHING!  He alerts us when he is ready to go outside and WHALLA!  Cindi even had him working on the "sit" command last evening.  He is catching on quickly and our Cattle dog, Bandit, loves him too.  They are best buddies.
He is knock dead gorgeous and has the personality to match.  WE LOVE HIM!
Thank you so much!

Cathy sorry it's so late but I thought you would like to know. I have a service dog trainer for my pup and she told me tonight that our pup was the smartest she has trained in twenty years of training. Looks like you did a good job.












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